Our business…

Hwy 24 Storage

4442 Hwy 24, Anderson, SC

and Flea Market!

Open Thurs – Sun 8a-6p

Hwy 24 Storage & Flea Market should be your next stop…

We offer tables for $8 all day rental for those wanting to sell / trade their goods and or services.  Outdoor storage is $25/mth and Covered storage is $40/mth.  All vendors welcome.  

In business for over 2 years, we have established ourselves in Anderson and welcome the public and new vendors.  Our doors are always open, but if the gate is closed, call or email us. 


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Quick Classifieds ! 


1) Carport = $1,500  2) Anderson Rental = $850/mth 3) O’Connor crest = $50  4) Apartment rental = $1,100 / mth 

Because we put the customer first, we always have free promotions that are charged at other realty agencies. Our commitment to making your realty experience the best imaginable means that we’ll always give you more than the other guys.

Our Services

We move your SHEDS !

Have a shed or building that needs to be relocated? We are your answer! Give us a call or contact us to schedule a site inspection to setup your next move today! 


We provide STORAGE! 

Need to store your boat, rv, car, etc? We offer storage plans for every aspect.  Our rates can vary depending on your requirements, so call / email us to get a quote.


Flea Market Vendors

We have Flea Market activities 4 days a week and spots can be limited. Our tables are $8/each or if you need more space contact us.


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